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RaceChrono Pro 6.0.11 with Tesla Model 3 (Translating Torque App CSV file)?

Has anyone been successful in using RaceChrono Pro with a Tesla Model 3? I have installed an OBDII Interface and am using OBDLink LX. RaceChrono is connecting fine, now I would like to receive the channels for throttle position and brake pedal and RPM.
Can RaceChrono Pro autodetect these channels?

For the Torque App these channels are converted to Excel like
.Tesla Throttle Position,"Throttle", "0111","(A*100)/255","0","100","%","7e0","",""
.Tesla Brake Pedal Status,"Brake", "01AF","A","0","3","","7e0","",""
.Tesla RPM,"RPM","019B ","(A*256+B)","0","15000","RPM","7e0","",""

Any help appreciated!


  • aolaol
    edited October 11

    These channels should work, but only the current beta version which is available for Android only. See FAQ how to join the beta group. The v6.0.11 doesn't have "OBD-II header" feature, so v6.1.0 or newer is needed.

    Add these as new custom OBD-II channels under the Vehicle Profile in settings.

    Let's take the throttle position for example (enter the values without quotes):
    - Channel: "Accelerator position"
    - PID: "0x0111" (It's in the 3rd column from your list)
    - OBD-II header: "0x7e0" (8th column)
    - Equation: "(A*100.0) / 255.0" or "(bytesToUint(raw, 0, 1) * 100.0) / 255.0" (4th column)

  • Thank you, perfect guidance, I am going test...
  • @Martin_snr did you succeed? Other people are asking about Model 3 data too :)
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