Bug: OBD Missing PIDs


Hello, I'm having a strange issue where once I start recording a session and OBD connects, not all of my normal available PIDs/channels work and/or show up.

For example, I'll go into settings, then go into car specific settings. I'll connect to OBD dongle and select Fast channels: RPM, speed and slow channels: Fuel pressure, coolant temp, intake temp.... just for discussion sake. Everything works great and all of my normal PIDs show up in the selection list just fine (usually a lot to choose from, car is a 2017 Audi S3)

I start a session/log and there will less than 10 available PIDs now and some of the previously selected ones don't show up.

What's really strange is that if I do the exact same procedure of starting a new log, I will have a different result each time as to what PIDs are available.

I first noticed this on v6.1.3. So I updated to 6.1.4 which was just pushed today I think and same result. I checked to see if my OBDlink MX had a new firmware update and it did... updated it, but still same exact result so it seems to point to something with the app now.

I had a random thought that maybe some of the new custom PIDs that I had defined with custom headers were somehow a factor in this....so I removed all of those, but same result.

Took some screenshots in case what I said wasn't clear.



  • aolaol
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    @aaronc7 Thank you for the well written bug report.

    It certainly sounds like a bug, so I did some emergency testing. It works fine on my vehicles, so my guess is the bug is related how you created the Vehicle profile and/or your vehicle.

    Please follow these steps:
    1) Go to your vehicle profile, press "Share" button on top, and share it to me by e-mail.
    2) Enable "Settings > Expert settings > Save device data". This allows me to see what happened.
    3) Turn on your car
    4) Record a session with some OBD-II channels logged. Make sure you can see only the channels in the screenshots, even if you try to scroll the list. The session does not need to be long, 5 minutes is ok.
    5) Open that session, and press "Share" button on top, and share it to me by e-mail.

    bonus step) Create a new vehicle profile. Just add some information like brand and model, but do not touch the OBD-II parameters. Then turn on this new profile in the settings. Does it work now? This will "clean table" and use all default settings for OBD-II.

    PS. If you do not have my "real" e-mail address, just use tracks(at)racechrono.com address.
  • aolaol
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    To everyone: This is a bug introduced in v6.1 and depending on a vehicle you might be missing some of the OBD-II channels. I will fix this ASAP, and release v6.1.5 that addresses this on both iOS and Android.
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    To parrot what I said in email for everyone else: issue appears to be fixed 100% in 6.1.5 beta, thanks for the quick turnaround per usual!
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