I purchased BLE HM-10
Racechrono sees my BLE when choosing the GPS type "Qstarz BL-1000GT" and "RaceBox" but the data format does not match.
How to include in the program RacechronoDIY / bluetooth le / nmea 0183?
The data format from my GPS module looks like this:

IOS Racechrono 6.1.5


  • Hi @DenSchmitz

    Yes, you're right NMEA over BLE is not supported currently. I doubt you'll be able to transmit NMEA over BLE with anything more than 1-2 Hz reliably, given the very limited usable bandwitdh on BLE.

    Why not create BLE format already supported by RaceChrono? I mean the RaceChrono DIY > BLE > GPS?

    Detailed format description, UUIDs and source code can be found here:
  • @aol
    I understand you, thank you.
    Please advise the wifi module which, in your opinion, can work stably. I used esp8266 (esp 11) and i was disappointed with the behavior of the uart port.
  • It´s a good idea to use Wi-Fi instead if you want NMEA, the throughput will not be a problem. Unfortunately I do not have the experience to recommend any module, but maybe you could as from some builders forums. Or maybe some other RC user will know a good module?
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