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The latest Qstarz BT-Q818X has a 5Hz setting within the On/Off switch.

I've just bought the latest Qstarz BT-Q818X which I believe is an update/improvement over the older BT-Q818 eXtreme. The small manual that came with the device is not very good in that it's not that thorough and is confusing in parts. It is not entirely clear whether you need to download the QstarzGpsView software to set the device into 5Hz mode now that there is an external switch. Does anyone know if it is simply a case that when I switch the GPS on, I move the switch to the 5Hz setting and it will record at 5Hz, therefore no need to worry about the software?


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    I think the 5 Hz switch is definitely great addition to already great product!

    You can confirm it is in 5 Hz mode after starting a session by going to "Traveled route" and browsing the plots. If the time stamp in the lower part of the screen increments in steps of 0.2 second, you're in 5 Hz mode.
  • Esta56 i've just got the 818x also and had to us the GPSView software to change the switch so it would flick between off, 1hz and 5hz.

    The instructions that come with the software are fairly straightforward and it worked first time for me.

    ps. AOL crackin bit of software used it the first time this Tuesday at Snetterton (UK) and was very impressed with the results..
  • Pickled Onion: Thanks for the correction! I'm glad you like the software!
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    Thanks Pick led Onion for update however, it's still not as clear as it could be from the instructions. I have now established that the leaflet that comes with the unit in the box is just a Quick Guide and in fact you need to go to the Qstarz website and download the full manual which is more comprehensive.

    I also downloaded the QstarzGpsView software and following the instructions in the downloaded manual I connected the unit, switched on, ran the software and nothing happened! Went to Device Manager, Ports (COM & LPT) as per the manual and the GPS wasn't shown. Though not mentioned in the manual, I had to eventually download and install the USB Driver from Qstarz before my PC recognised the GPS. I could then see the GPS in Ports in the Device Manager, set the baud rate to 115,200 (in Properties). I then set the correct COM port in the Qstarz software, clicked the 'On' button and it worked perfectly!

    The full manual still doesn't make it clear what the new 5Hz setting does on the OFF/NAV/5HZ switch because it still states you have to set 5Hz update from the software? Why have a 5Hz option on the switch if you need to use the software to activate 5Hz? I don't get it. Now I've activated the 5Hz update in the software does that mean when I switch the unit to NAV, it will update at 5Hz or 1Hz or do you still have to move the switch to 5Hz?! I'm sure Ill find out when I start using it.

    Also, what on the earth is G-Mouse? The manual doesn't explain, it just states "wired G-Mouse function" in the Overview and later it states that you need to download the Driver and connect via USB.

    Despite the less than clear manual I am really pleased with the device as it seems to get a fix very quickly. If the weather holds today, I'll try and test it with the Racechrono on my N95 8GB and see what happens.
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    G-Mouse seems to be the Taiwanese word for a wired GPS-receiver. :-) So basically you can turn the Bluetooth receiver to wired USB-GPS with just the USB-cable. In most of the receivers the USB port is used only for charging the battery.
  • Glad you got there in the end Esta56 - the Nav<->5hz switch will swop between 1hz and 5hz unless you re-programme them differently.

    It is a little confusing from the beginning but as Aol said its just another way of connecting the Gps Reciever..
  • I have the new -X version as well. Never installed the software. Just charged, put it on 5Hz and ready to rock. I do wonder if everyone can pair with my GPS as it has no 'learning' mode I know of - but then again I didn't read the manual.
  • Shouldn't be that dangerous if someone pairs with your GPS by mistake, because the range is only 10-20 meters, so they are disconnected soon.
  • Hello. I have N70 and GPS Evolve iTraxx. I would like to buy something new what can work on 5 Hz. What is the best choice now? Is it Qstarz BT-Q818X? And what about the phone, does it depend what type of phone do I have? I would like to have something with preferably the best accuracy. Could you give advice me? Thanks. Have a nice sunday!
  • Yes, the Qstarz BT-Q818X is very good. It's not that much about the phone, but of course the N70 has low resolution, so analyzing the laps is not as nice, as on Nokia 5800 for example.
  • Thank you very much for advice. I have bought Qstarz BT-Q818X. It is really very good. I have still tested it only in tram and I am completely satisfied! I think it is much better then GPS receiver Evolve - for example: I went 160 km/h 10 minutes, but on the graph there wasn´t 160 km/h, but 140-180 km/h. It wasn´t line. Tomorrow I will try it in higher speed than today, it was only 35 km/h. So I hope, the graph will be accurate. I set 5 Hz and tried it in Racechronoavi - fantastic!
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