Best Budget Two Camera Setup?

I currently have a Hero 3, and the remote start seems to work well enough. I want to add a second camera for front and rear views. I have a Pixel 2 phone. Any suggestions on a two-camera setup? Should I just get another Hero 3? Given my car is an open cockpit, a 360 camera could work too. Thanks for any ideas.


  • Well, Hero 3 is getting a little old so maybe Hero 8 for second one?

    RaceChrono does not support natively 360 degree videos, but you can always convert the videos with other apps to 16:9 frame videos and then link to your RaceChrono sessions.
  • I just use my pixel 3 phone as my 2nd camera with a Apex Pro smartphone mount for a very steady phone mount.
  • Good idea, phone as 2nd camera. I'll have to test in my 4runner around the neighborhood.
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