Low update rate on BT-Q818XT (was: Setup or Qstarz???)

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Hi, I have a problem with my RaceChrono, I use it on android with an external Qstarz bt-q818xt.
Never had problems and looking at the tracks I have always seen the beautiful "round" curves, for some time I realized that instead it shows me the all "angular" track and poking the settings I see that the difference is in the Hz that unlike before they are very low (hardly reaches 1) as you can see from a test done on the fly below:
Can anyone explain to me the reason?
racechono setup that I inadvertently moved or the GPS started giving problems?
Thank you


  • The problem is the update rate (Hz). When it updates so infrequently, the corners are really jagged. 0.1 Hz means there's only 1 update per 10 seconds, so there's hardly even one update per corner.

    The low update rate is known problem with BT-Q818XT. On some phones and/or Android OS versions the flow control does not work with this receiver, and this is the reason why I've stopped recommending this receiver. The situation might improve if you switch the XT to 5 Hz or 1 Hz. The problem also could be intermittent, some users have reported it working sometimes and sometimes not.
  • thanks for your answer.
    I have always used the same phone with the Xt, maybe an update?
    What receiver would you recommend?
    Thanks Gualaz
  • ok, thanks for your answer
  • No sure this helps, I have a Garmin Glo 2 running with my Android phone (One plus 7 Pro) and I am seeing an avg of 9hz refresh rate. Bought it on Amazon for $95

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