External Microphone

I know where the control to activate the External Microphone is, but I haven't been able to read any information to tell me what I can use for an external microphone. Is it a microphone that you plug in? Can I use a bluetooth microphone, like you have on a headset? I'm using a Samsung Galaxy tab A, which only has a stereo earphones plug.


  • aolaol
    edited February 14
    This was added in early versions, when newest Android OS version was four dot something. It worked only on some devices, and the microphone needed to be connected to the physical 3.5 mm headset plug. Unfortunately I haven't tried it in the current phones. But my _guess_ would be that it uses plugged in physical microphone, instead of the video microphone that is integrated somewhere on the phone. When an external is not plugged in, it might use the integrated speech microphone instead of the video microphone...
  • My new Galaxy Tab A only has a headphone plug according to the user manual. It mentions "headset and makes no distinction between it and headphones, so I don't know if you can switch to an external wired microphone. I will see how that works. But overall, I prefer the tablet for RC.
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