Can I switch the rear dual camera lens of the LG G5 model?


I saw that I can choose the standard-angle lens and wide-angle lens on the back of the LG V30 in version 6.0.4 of your program.

My LG G5(the LG G5 model is older than the LG V30 model.) also has a standard-angle lens and a wide-angle lens on the back,
I wonder if I can choose a wide angle lens in your latest version of the RaceChrono program.

In the past, I had a question about using the wide-angle lens of LG G5 in the forums, which was not supported at that time,
After much considerations, I physically removed the standard-angle lens, so the wide-angle lens is directly supported by the race chronograph, and I have been using it well so far.

But if you use it this way, it will be difficult to use the camera in other apps.
So, while thinking about refitting the standard lens, discover your explanation(v 6.0.4) and ask again.

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  • I don't know if you can do it on LG G5. Some phones support it and many do not. You can switch through the different cameras on board from the front/rear camera button. It toggles through all cameras that are exposed by the phone.

    If your phone has Android 7 or older, you'll need to set 'Settings > Expert settings > Camera API version > API v2'.
  • I installed a standard-angle lens on my LG G5 today.
    In your racechrono, I could choose a wide-angle lens and a standard-angle lens and it worked very well.
    Thank you for your efforts, and I hope this article helps other users.
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