Controlling two GoPro's

Hello, im relativ new here and im sorry if I did not see the solution to my problem here in the forum already.

I have the problem, that when I connect my second GoPro to RaceChrono it says I have to deactivate my other GoPro, because of some Configuration Conflict.

How do I fix this problem? Or is it not possible to control both GoPro's at the same time with Racechrono.
Do I need to manually start the second GoPro and sync the files afterwards?


  • aolaol
    edited May 2020
    Wi-Fi allows connecting to only one device at a time, so hence this limitation.

    RaceChrono also has Bluetooth connectivity to the GoPro's but it's little bit experimental feature, so haven't put the effort to connect to two simultaneously... Also the preview picture would not work through Bluetooth only.

    You can manually turn the recording on/off on the second camera (or why not both). RaceChrono has automatic sync feature if you have the GoPro's GPS turned on: . Usually this automatic sync works much better than the sync that is done by the remote control feature.
  • Ok thank you for your quick answer, but theoretically it should work, connecting one GoPro over Bluetooth and one over wifi?
  • aolaol
    edited May 2020
    Yes it would... or why not both over Bluetooth. But if you don't need the preview picture, I think turning on/off manually, and using the "Automatic sync" feature is actually nicer to use. This is what I do myself when I'm at the track. But yes, this feature needs GoPros with GPS...
  • It won't let me configure both GoPro's. I can only activate one GoPro at a time. I will try it a bit. Maybe I will just do it manually :smile: and then let RaceChrono sync it
  • aolaol
    edited May 2020
    I misunderstood. In theory it should work from technical standpoint, but as the controlling over Wi-Fi seems to be the reliable method, I haven't paid enough attention to the Bluetooth side that I would have implemented this. So in RaceChrono it does not work, but in theory it could be made to work.

  • Just to give you some feedback and information for user in the future who may have a similar problem.

    I now connected both cameras normally, but only one was active. The other one, I started manually nearly at the exact time as the one connect to RaceChrono. At the end I did the same. After my session I can transfer files from the first GoPro and the second one, because both are linked to the App. I only need to sync the second one and that's it.

  • I can't export the video in PIP at the moment, because my iPad has the error with rendering a 4k video with 2,7k PiP. So I will report if everything works, the next time I have the time to record a little session. This time with a little bit less quality :wink:
  • @aol is there a way I can figure out, what is the maximum quality my device can export a video with PiP? At the Moment I am using an iPad Pro 1st Generation to render, because there I have the Storage space to get the GoPro videos connected to the app. Without PiP it exports a 4k video without a problem.
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