Custom PID - Brake Pressure -> Different Values while driving.

Hello, I have a brake pressure switch PID that I have got "semi" working. This is my current formula:


Currently, this returns "8" or "0" with no brake pressure, and "2" or "10" with brake pressure. Is there any way to modify this calculation so I only have a single false/true or 0/1 when brake pressure is applied vs not applied? If that is not possible, is there a way for data to not be interpolated in the log? I'm seeing different numbers there when I export it (3,4,6) and I suspect that is due to interopolation. Does RaceChrono naturally interpolate values in this fashion?


  • Yes, the other numbers are probably from interpolation. You should see the interpolated values from the graphs quite clearly.

    Version 7.0 will have logical operations that will allow what you want.
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