gopro 8 on Android 10

I've used gopro 4 for years with RaceChrono but gopro 8 is a real challenge. There seems to be a fight between the gopro app and racechrono for using the camera, and per instructions, the camera has to be connected through the app. Now that I got it to work on some track sessions I can't seem to be able to connect to download the video to the phone. UGH. Even if I get this to work, I have to give up either the bluetooth GPS receiver or the OBD bluetooth receiver because now my camera needs bluetooth as well. Is it all possible in the future to make it wifi only? It's kind of a deal killer and makes me want to sell the 8 and get the 7 instead.

Let's use this thread to come up with some tips from users for gopro 8. I'll post as soon as I find some workarounds.


  • No no, there's misunderstandings here!

    1) The GoPro needs to be connected through the GoPro app for the _first_ time, to merely pair the camera with the phone. After that the GoPro app needs to be closed, and cannot run simultaneously with RaceChrono!

    2) All three bluetooth devices can connect at the same time, GPS, OBD-II and GoPro.
  • I definitely misunderstood the instructions. I was connecting the gopro app the entire time. That's going to fix a lot of the issues I've been having.

    I thought Android can only connect to who BT devices at a time. I know it can remember many more pairings. Ok, will try all three at the same time.

    I was also able to transfer the video from the gopro to the app eventually. I had to connect two times in a row to the camera. This was also likely a problem because my go pro app was running.
  • In early days of Bluetooth there was 7 simultaneous device connections maximum. I think it's more nowadays.
  • Ich hatte das gleiche Problem. Race Chrono meldete ständig, dass die GoPro neu gesucht wird. Habe dann aufgegeben und die GoPro immer manuell am Beginn eines Stints gestartet. Leider findet Race Chrono jetzt keine Synchronisierungsdaten. Ich kann kein Bild im Bild Overlay mehr machen. Oder ich stelle mich nur zu blöd an.
  • I want to be sure before i buy GoPro 8. I can use gopro as camera and external gps by connecting it to the racechrono?
  • You cannot use the GoPro's GPS for "live" data, but you can import the data afterwards:
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