Export to Performance/Circuit Tools VBO - Unable to analyse file....


I'm struggling with loading the Racechrono Performance/Circuit Tools VBO export into the Racelogic Circuit tools.

Error message in Circuit tool:
Unable to analyse file because it lacks the following required channels:
UCT Time
Elapsed time.

The only way (?) to work around it, Is to open up the VBO file and delete every single empty line break between each row.
Would be happy if you could fix this issue. Version of Racechrono: 6.4.1.


Kind regards


  • aolaol
    edited June 2020
    How are you transferring the file? I wonder if you're moving the file, so that the line breaks get corrupted? This may happen for example if you email the file to yourself.

    RaceChrono adds single CR+LF line break after each line. RaceChrono does not generate any empty lines between the data rows, so it's a clear sign that they got corrupted. When it gets corrupted you may end up with CR+LF+LF, CR+CR+LF etc.
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    Wow, right on spot. I was sharing the file via the "standard" email software in the iPhone. I have now shared a couple of files via Google drive without any issue with the lines. Interesting that the email software manged to corrupt the file.

    Many thanks!
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