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Useful phone

I would like to buy some new Nokia phone. Now I have N70. I prefer some with better resolution and mainly with long holding time. When I use bluetooth GPS receiver the battery hold cca 7-8 hours (maximum), but it is when i use SmartcomGPS. I know, that racechrono is much exacting. So can you give mi advice please which phone will be able function at least 3-4 hours with RaceChrono? I don´t use it on car but on locomotive (railway) so staying power only 1 hour is not so useful for my purpose. Thank you for help!


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    Hi, keep the phone not in live timer mode (where the lights are on), but lock the keys instead from "Options > Lock keys". This way the phone will use much less battery. Also you can buy 12V recharger (if the locomotive has 12V outlet).

    I don't know which Nokia phone has biggest battery, but E61, E61i used to have 1500 mAh. Also 5800, E71, E52 and E55 bigger batteries than usual.

    When keys are locked, I can run even my N95 with puny 950mAh battery several hours with RaceChrono.
  • I recently run out of power in N95 with 950 battery within an hour. Good to know I can save power with no live data on.

    Hmmm... I think integration with 12V power supply is good. Will try that.
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    Also new battery might help, if you run out with only one hour session. Nokia is nice enough to allow us replace it cheaply :)
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