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Nokia 5800 expressmusic

On the firs , thank you for racechrono, I get 4 days ago and I love it jet.

On my 5800 xm I can not find zoom function .
Is this normal?




  • The v1.10 is missing the zoom feature for the phones that do not have keypads (hence 5800 xm). There is no newer official version, but the v1.25 beta has on screen buttons for zooming etc. Please join beta group to get the new version:
  • Thank you Aol,
    for support.

    I sent Imei for Cert.

    thank you
  • Sorry Aol,
    how long to receive the possibilities to test beta?

    thank you
  • I'll try to make the new build today.
  • You are great! :-)
    Sorry for my silly insistence, and thank you!
  • edited June 2009
    I tested new beta on 5800 XM, it works fine.
    I'll referee you after more testing secrtions.

    thank you.
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