cant connet obd2 racechrono

since 2 years ago i was using racechrono app (ios, Android)
last track day i couldnt use the app because they didnt connect the obd2 bluetooth (only appear with red at the bottom obd2 connecting i was waiting more then 10 min but still same message)
i have the ob2 mini (xtool) i was trying to change setting (expert, fix bluetooth) and try to turn off all my cellphone and try but same thing. it doesnt appear in list of bluetooth to connect like a new device or re connection (erase the past data). so i was trying use in another app to make sure my obd2 working, so in xtool(obd2 main scanner app) and torque both app can connect the obd2.
the only thing i cannot connect my obd2 with racechrono.
can you help to solve this problem? it want appear in the list of racechrono to add obd2 (if i move to bluetooth option in cellphone i can see the my obd2)



  • when i tried connect as a new device (in setting) it wont appear in the list of bluetooth to connect. but when i got this app it was working witout any problem.
  • Did you click the "search devices in range" button?
  • yeap and i was waiting more then 10 min. and it still nothing.
    but if im traying to connect in android bluetooth opcion their no problem also in torque, xpel
    when i got first time i was using without any problem
  • do i have any solution for this issue?
  • I took a look at it, and I don't think the reader has ever been supported. I have it here, so I can take a look if it's possible.
  • hmmm when i got my app racechrono it was working "iobd2 mini" and when last time i went a track day i saw it want sync and appear obd2 mini conecting and then nothing.
    how i can show ??
  • do you have any email or whatssapp num? to send the screenshot from my cellphone, and you told me the reader never benn supported? is false, i've been using since when i got the racechrono app (almost 3 year, i guess). and i have prove from my video when i went to track recording.
  • @Jay_Park don't worry I believe you now :) I will take another look at it, maybe there's something I did not see first time.
  • I did some investigation.

    Previously it was possible to add it with "Bluetooth OBD-II reader" device type, but the device it self (or at least mine does not) have the Bluetooth Serial Port profile, meaning while it was possible to add it in the past, it never worked.

    I also tried to support it with the Bluetooth LE profile, but unfortunately I'm not getting it to work. The device does not respond the way I'd expect it to.
  • so their is no way to solve this issue??

  • aolaol
    edited September 2020
    Not now at least. I tried, but I could not figure out how to connect to that device...
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