I can't find any 10hz gps for an adequate price . What's the accuracy of 0-100 with the built in gps of an android phone?


  • But it would give only 7-8hz and still cost 100 usd. For 150 I'd get the dragy...

  • Garmin GLO2 is the cheapest one that I can recommend at the moment. Built-in GPS can be used with RaceChrono, but the data quality is nowhere as good as GLO2. Both have good lap timing accuracy (when installed properly in with view to sky), but GLO2 produces nice trace to judge braking points etc. Also RaceChrono does not do 0-100.
  • Just found a russian GPS+GLONASS Box that can do timing PLUS server as an external GPS (@16hz) for Racechrono. Wont say it's name so that you wont think I"m making adds. It's cheaper than GLO2 and more functional.
  • aolaol
    edited September 2020
    Yeah, I think you mean Yes, it does work with RaceChrono and seems reliable. I haven't tested it on a race track though.
  • Yes, thats the one! Just ordered one. Will let you know how it works :)
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