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Onway track - no circuit

is there a way to get lap times on a oneway track? I've tried out racechrono on a local hill road. Start is at the submontane, finish at the summit. I go backwards the same way. I've defined start and finish line, but I got no lap times. What I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.



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    Hi! Just set the start line and finish line and it should work.

    Notice the traps are uni-directional as default, so you need to go through them same way as when setting them. If you went the other way when setting them, you can disable the "uni-directional" setting from trap settings, or rotate the trap 180 degrees.

    If you want to go same track two ways (up and down), I recommend you create two separate tracks. This way the graph analyzing works much better.

    I hope this solves your problems.
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    Hi aol,

    thanks a lot for your assistance. I've followed your instructions as well as the manual on this website.
    But.... at the end there are no lap times so far. May I send you my my session, plot, nmea and track files for checking? Maybe there is something wrong with my installation on my PDA or with something I do not know at the moment. By the way, I am using my internal GPS which as a 0.3 Hz rate? Does it matter in that case?

    Greetings from Germany,
  • You may send me the files to tracks(at), and I will take a look.

    That 0.3 Hz GPS sounds it might be the reason. I remember vaguely programming the traps so that they are not registered if there is not near enough plot...

    Can you configure the GPS back to 1 Hz, or is it hard coded like that?
  • I've sent you the tracks and sessions by mail. I also tried the desktop program, but the same problem. So there must be something wrong with the data for some reason.
  • Hey aol, today my new BT GPS 818X arrived. What can I say.... it works like hell. Anyway, thanks a lot for your assistance. The software is great... I promise, by the end of this season I will donate something!
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    I'm glad you like the software! I'll be waiting for that donation! :) :)

    BTW: I won't fix the issue with 0.3 Hz GPS as no one else has complained yet (should be very rare problem, as almost all GPS receivers are at least 1 Hz). The RaceChrono engine does not register the crossing of the traps, as the plots are too far apart time wise, and thinks the data is not reliable enough.
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