Racechrono vs AIM-Solo

Hello guys! I wanted to know if the racechrono with the external gps (Qstarz BL-1000GT) is as effective as the aim-SOLO in terms of timing precision, since I have been using the racechrono and I don't know whether to buy a good external gps or the aim-SOLO


  • For me the only difference with the Aim is that racechrono don't have the brake signal.

  • but in time precision is it the same? Because I want something more professional

  • aolaol
    edited November 23
    You will get very good data with Qstarz BL-1000GT, and precision should be excellent. I haven't tested AIM Solo, so I cannot make the comparison. But I would imagine the data would be at least as good with BL-1000GT, possibly much better.
  • https://ibb.co/25sVXd5

    This is how I have always imagined it. On the right the usual current lap, best lap and time difference. On the left, however, we have a map with the trajectories made between the current lap and the best / selected lap.
    Then we have bars for the accelerator between the current lap and the best / selected lap. It would also be perfect to be able to have the brake data in the opposite side.
    Data Speed difference as usual.

    All to the left so that you can also see the movements of the steering wheel.

    Do you think we can do something similar? What do you think about it?
  • I was unable to load the image
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