maximum channels for analysis?


As long as RC has been improved, I want to use RC as a primary analysis tool than others, like AIM, VBOX. However I recently noticed that there is a limit number for loading data channels at the same time :(

Would you please get the maximum channel more higher than now?


  • Do you mean maximum number of channels displayed in the graph at the same time? Or something else?
  • I mean maximum number of channels at the same time.

  • Doesn't the graph window get too cluttered with already 5 channels at the same time? What kind of data are you looking at to need more?
  • when I tried to load channels, 4 was the maximum numbers for me. Does RC support 5 channels at the same time, not 4? its not available to load 5 in my RC, which is latest version in samsung S10.

    5 channels at the same time will be okay, but it will be more helpful if 6 channels are available, so that I can read channels like speed, t-delta, combined G, throttle, brake, steering : for seeing which action(steering brake throttle) made my combined G ugly

  • I'll add in that...although beyond the scope of the app is really designed for, I occasionally use RC for simple tuning / diag logging. Because I have not found an app that works better, and the review graph layout is really awesome on RC.

    I also worry about things getting cluttered, but having a higher to max channels would be a positive change I think. You can always just select as much or as little as you want. As long as there's enough space on the bottom bar to display all values etc. Probably varies a lot depending on device and such too
  • +1 to have more channels. Also would appreciate being able to customizable the colors of the squiggly lines.

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