maximum channels for analysis?


As long as RC has been improved, I want to use RC as a primary analysis tool than others, like AIM, VBOX. However I recently noticed that there is a limit number for loading data channels at the same time :(

Would you please get the maximum channel more higher than now?


  • Do you mean maximum number of channels displayed in the graph at the same time? Or something else?
  • I mean maximum number of channels at the same time.

  • Doesn't the graph window get too cluttered with already 5 channels at the same time? What kind of data are you looking at to need more?
  • when I tried to load channels, 4 was the maximum numbers for me. Does RC support 5 channels at the same time, not 4? its not available to load 5 in my RC, which is latest version in samsung S10.

    5 channels at the same time will be okay, but it will be more helpful if 6 channels are available, so that I can read channels like speed, t-delta, combined G, throttle, brake, steering : for seeing which action(steering brake throttle) made my combined G ugly

  • I'll add in that...although beyond the scope of the app is really designed for, I occasionally use RC for simple tuning / diag logging. Because I have not found an app that works better, and the review graph layout is really awesome on RC.

    I also worry about things getting cluttered, but having a higher to max channels would be a positive change I think. You can always just select as much or as little as you want. As long as there's enough space on the bottom bar to display all values etc. Probably varies a lot depending on device and such too
  • +1 to have more channels. Also would appreciate being able to customizable the colors of the squiggly lines.

  • +1 from me. Sometimes I'd like to be able to look at (for example) throttle, brake pressure, steering angle, speed, and time delta at the same time. Maybe even lateral acceleration too.

    Yes it might be cluttered, but it can still be useful, and you always have the option to choose fewer.

    A more substantial change but also handy would be the option for split screen charts. So instead of having a map and charts for example, you could have two sets of charts, and could choose 4 (or 6) data traces for each.

    In fact, while I'm throwing ideas out there, the analysis screen could be vertically scrollable, allowing you to have more than 2 or 3 'widgets open at the same time.

  • +1, splitting the screen horizontally to have two data panels is something I wish RC had. I frequently want to look at some groups of channels separately, e.g. the inputs (pedals, steering wheel) in one panel and outputs (speed, rpm, G's) in another.

    I like your idea of making it vertically scrollable too!
  • Several graph displays at once, as well as a x/y graph is in my plans for the Analysis :)
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