Feedback on "delay adjustment"

A couple of random ideas based on my today's experience at AutoX:

1) I tried to use "Resolve" while still recording a session (by reviewing my latest run), and I don't think it worked

2) I left the session, opened the summary, tried "Resolve"ing again, and the app crashed

3) I reopened the app, tried "Resolve"ing again, and it took a few seconds. The app felt frozen. Might be useful to show a progress UI.

4) I realized that every time I sync my CAN data to my GPS data, it calculates the exact same offset.
(It's actually pretty impressive that it's so stable.)
I think it would be super useful to be able to add a button like "apply this offset to this device for this session, and all future sessions". Then I won't need to re-sync every session or resume.


  • @timurrrr Can you reproduce the problems with these sessions? If so please email them to me (as .rcz) along with the phone and OS version details so I can closely match the scenario.
  • Sent, right from the driver seat in the middle of a track day :smiley:

    Just want to bring your attention to the feature request #4 here, it's different from the bug.
    Another option would be to add an option (on by default?) to not only apply the offset to all the recorded data in a session, but also apply the same offset to all future resumes.
    Basically, if I record some data in the first track session of the morning, and fix the timing of my CAN data, I want all the other track sessions (i.e. "session resumes" in RC) to inherit the same offset. Whether that offset is per day (RC session) or global is secondary.
  • #4 acknowledged, it's a good idea.
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