Improving the UX when fine-tuning video/data sync

Whenever I need to sync video to my data, I feel like RaceChrono wants me to do the exact opposite of what I try to do.

I want to pick a point in the data log that I know
(e.g. crossing the start finish line, or something very distinct in the "Steering angle" trace, such as a major correction),
and then I want to fine-tune the video to match that event.

The current UI allows fine adjustments to the offset of the data channels, but only allows jumping by 15 seconds via buttons; and scrubbing the video is super imprecise for longer videos.
Maybe let's add "smaller jump" buttons, and ideally even "step one frame fwd/backwards" buttons?

Also personally I'd prefer smaller than 50 ms increments when fine-tuning the data offset.
50 ms is good enough for 20 fps, but maybe something like 30 ms would be better for 30+ fps videos.
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