Buy a new android phone

I would like to buy an android mobile phone to take advantage of racechrono with my bike. I already have an external GPS receiver, Garmin GLO2. Are there any special requirements or can I buy a mobile phone even if it costs the bare minimum? I should use this phone only with racechrono, nothing else.



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    1) You want to have official Android with Google apps like Maps, Gmail and most importantly Play Store. This automatically excludes Huawei and phones from dealeXtreme etc.

    2) If you want to record or export videos, you'll want something good, like mid to high end phone. You'll want a good camera and a good chipset.

    3) If you want reliability, OS updates, get a phone from a high profile manufacturer like Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.

    4) Get a phone with as new Android OS as possible. Minimum is 4.4, but it will be 5.0 soon. Recommended 10 or later.

    My favourite Android brands are Xiaomi for low- to mid-end phones, and Samsung for mid-end to high-end phones.
  • for example, this? Readmi 9C, 2Gb Ram, android 10, is it a good choise?
  • As long as it meets my criteria. For an actual decision you'll need to compare it to other phones, check the prices and availability etc.
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