Brake pressure/pedal data

I can't find any information about the possibility to get brake pressure or brake pedal data into RaceChrono. I'm especially interested in getting the data from Porsche cars like the 991.1, 991.2, 992, 981 (/CS) and 982 (/CS).
Is there some way to get this to work without being a programmer?


  • Sure. Just find another person who is a programmer :)

    In all seriousness, I hope you can find it! It's bizarre that OBD-II didn't make this PID standard. Although I can imagine that they were mostly focused on emission checks, not race car data logging. It was a roller-coaster for me to find the PID for Subaru BRZ, and unfortunately the way I found it isn't easily repeatable for other cars... If anyone found it before, that would be on Porsche forums probably.
  • Do you have a device that can log or see that info currently? You can sniff the bus pretty easy to figure out PIDs if you already have a device that can see/log it.
  • I don't. But the car/app is so popular, there have to be someone who already did it?
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