Qstarz 816?

This is the only GPS I can get hold of (besides my current Rikaline unit which is 1Hz). In the specs it claims to be 5Hz. Did anyone try it?
Also, I'm thinking of buying this OBDII interface: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.16921
Did someone try it with RC?


  • Just found out that Holux M1000 also works in 5HZ and I can get this one cheaper. How good is it?
  • aolaol
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    I think some users are using the ELM327 reader from dealextreme. One reported that the reader "hangs" time to time, but haven't heard any problems from others. Not that it is slightly slower than OBDKey.

    I have Holux M1000, and the annoying part is that you need to configure it to 5 Hz by software (GGA and RMC sentences to 5 Hz and GSV and GSA to just 1 Hz). It looses the settings when ever battery runs out.

    Semsons has Qstarz BT-Q818X for $50, I would get that.
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    Now looking at Semsons website, and I see the 818X for 64.85 (http://www.semsons.com/qsbtblgpsre6.html)....
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    What other models (besides the 818) should work good at 5hz?
  • I probably remembered the price wrong. The BT-Q818X is the only using MTK-II chipset and it also has the all important 1 Hz / 5 Hz hardware switch.
  • ok, thanks.
    Btw, what is a good place for a wish-list items?
  • thanks aol.
    Just notices the Semsons have the BT-Q818EX for 55... is it good?
  • "X" is better as it has newer chipset. "EX" is not bad at all though.
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