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So I have a Galaxy Note Ultra 20 and am using RaceChrono Pro 7.2.8, first time using it and ran into an issue exporting. I loaded the video files (my GoPro split the session into 3 files) onto the Note and RaceChrono saw them just fine. I linked them and exported without issue, however when I watched the video the telemetry overlay was not synced with the action. It showed me doing 55mph on a flat out straight, and then 102mph in a tight hairpin. I then noticed a small "Unresolved" file was linked to the start. RaceChrono had been weird, even though I was using a GoPro7 it would sometimes start recording with the internal as well, so I had several short videos of my leg I had already deleted, just thought this was one of them and throwing off the overlay so I deleted it. Went back to link the 3 videos and now it will not let me, my only choice is "Link after.." or "Delete" and the Link after is grayed out.

Is there anyway to fix this or is this session just lost? I have not tried to export any of my other sessions yet until I get some advise.

Also, is there a way to avoid these "Unresolved" files from being created?

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    RaceChrono automatically creates sync points for the GoPro videos that are recorded using the "GoPro remote control" feature. But because of the special way GoPros work (or don't work), figuring out which file was actually recorded is very very tricky. Some times RaceChrono just fails to do that (this is how you get "unresolved"), or worst case wrong file is picked.

    When that happens, best thing is to select "Unlink" from that menu for each of the files that are wrong (or rather sync points as the files are missing).

    This is the way to create the sync points yourself (= link the video files to your session):

    Infact the "Bonus step A: Automatic synchronisation" in that article is much much more robust way to sync your GoPro files, than using the remote control feature. I personally sync all my GoPro video files this way (works for Garmin too!), and avoid using the GoPro remote control. If I could I would remove the remote control feature, but people seem to love it despite its problems.

    If you don't want the internal camera recording while using the GoPro remote control, you need to disable the internal camera from the camera configuration box (you can click it open for settings).
  • Yup, once I realized what it was doing I deselected the internal camera from the control menu. I use the Control GoPro feature because I hate to (and sometimes can't) jump out of the car in the grid to turn it on manually when running external cameras. LOL

    As for choosing the file that shouldn't be an issue at all as I am manually adding the files to the RaceChrono directory and manually linking them individually for each session.

    Thanks for the link to the synchronization guide, that will come in handy I am sure. However in this case synchronization from sync points doesn't seem to be the issue so much as there just being a mystery video file causing padding at the beginning. If this happens again I should be able to use that to remove the padding. Now my issue is that I can not even link ANY videos to the session since that mystery file was deleted.

    I will move on to trying to work with the other sessions, I was just hoping this session was salvageable because it was a pretty good one, that's why I was doing it first.....guess that bit me hard.
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    RaceChrono does not delete anything from your GoPro memory card. You should still find everything from there. As long as you don't delete the session, or format your GoPro memory card, everything should be perfectly salvageable.
  • Not the GoPro card, the internal storage on the phone. Maybe I am not explaining it, or did something else really wrong. Here is what I did from the guide on exporting.

    I downloaded the files from my GoPro to my storage drive on my PC.

    I moved the files I was working with from the PC to my phone internal storage as instructed to a folder with the path of DCIM/RaceChrono

    I went into the session and found the files in the "Media Store" and linked them to the session.

    This is where I found the "Unresolved" file, it was linked to the session and was the default first file. When I clicked to link my first GoPro file my only choice was "Link after "Unresolved".

    I deleted the "Unresolved" file from the internal phone storage and then the only Link options for the video files were "Link after" which was greyed out and "Delete".

    I deleted the GoPro files from the phone internal storage and then re-copied them from the PC and have the same issue with them only giving me the option to Delete or Link after with the latter option being greyed out.
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    I think you have misunderstood how it works. It's common as the UX is not as simple as I would like it to be.

    The "unresolved" thing is just a sync point, a link, or a placeholder for a file whose name might be resolved later.

    If you delete that it does not matter, because you can bring back the sync point with the instructions I linked earlier. If you take a look at the article, you'll see that the menu with the "Link after..." option is not involved in the process of linking a new video files to your session.

    The "Link after..." is meant for chaptered video files, linking a video file immediately after another one. Files linked like that cannot be synced/adjusted independently, they move only together. And you need to sync and link the first file like in the article.
  • Ah, sorry for being so dense. LOL Interface is tricky but I have got it now. Thank you!!
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