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RaceChrono Laptime Accuracy is Superb

Here is a quick comparison of a race my friend was in back in may.
The timing system they use is AMB with TranX260 Transponders.

here is the comparison of the 2 races he was in:
RaceChrono has an extra lap at the beginning for formation lap.


  • Thanks Dima for the very nice comparison! This is really good example what RaceChrono can do with good GPS receiver, proper installation and good satellite conditions.
  • And here is what it looks like when the data is combined with the video:
  • nice job on the whole thing!!!

    why are there 2 that what they call a "ghost" of the best lap???
  • The second dot is for data gathered during another session. But it can be anything you want - such as best lap ghost. I was trying to simulate ability to do multiple bikes. I am going to try to put this onto a few people the next race down here so hopefully those will be real people running around the track.
  • Ive ran racechrono as well during races in my friends 645bhp evo in both saloon races and when it was run in the uk time attack championships and also in a skyline in the time attack (the evo broke the gearbox just before the final!) and its also constantly been within .1 on a second to the timing times.

    Sadly they dont give us lap by lap print outs for the saloon races! just the best lap to do a comparo.
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