Does iOS support DIY devices?

The product features matrix on the bottom of the RaceChrono hompage has an "X" under the iOS app version for "Support for DIY data sources and sensors." Does that mean you have to have an Android device to connect to a DIT device?

I hope not because I ordered the materials to build a DIY device (objective is to pull data off CAN BUS on BMW M4-F82).

If the iOS version will not work with a DIY device, does it support pulling CAN BUS codes if you're using an OBDLink MX+ scanner?


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    I need to edit that table. iOS supports all DIY devices except the ones that are based on Bluetooth RFCOMM. The Bluetooth LE and TCP/IP devices will work just one. Also MX+ works great on iOS, for both OBD-II and raw CAN-Bus.
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