Generic csv import option?

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Hello, I have a small request/idea/question.

I've been involved with a DIY tuning/datalogging project and we have an ECU datalogging phone app that saves the files to csv format. We were talking about a log viewer function to quickly and easily review some data on a mobile device vs having to copy it to a PC or try to look at data on Datazap via mobile (it's terrible). I mentioned that Racechrono has the best data view/graph display that I've seen on a mobile device.

I see already there are some csv import options in specific formats (AIM, Tesla?). What about a generic or simple csv import option? In this case the first row is simply the data channel name and the data starts immediately. First column is time and the rest is engine data. One issue is that of course there is no GPS location info, and I'm not sure how this plays into Racechrono and the track day "session" format. Or the option of using the X axis of the graph view as "distance" vs "time".

Or perhaps if there's some interest, a separate log viewer type of application that is simply to import csv or other formats and review data? I would definitely pay for such an app! Either way, I feel like the groundwork is there for a really great mobile data review program.

Here's a quick data log sample, the csv can be downloaded in the lower right corner under the "download" dropdown menu


  • aolaol
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    I already have fixed channel identifiers for the new CSV v3 export and Monitor API, so the format is no brainer, just have the identifiers as the header and then the data. Problem is RaceChrono does not have any facility to import partial sessions, so I need to think about that a bit.
  • Hi, my smartwatch export my session in GPX or KML format, any way to import? I use RaceChrono for my motocross track, but don´t like to carry my phone on the bike, sorry for my english.

  • @csimpsonm Which watch is it? If it's a Garmin, you can export it as G-Metrix (.fit) file, and import in RaceChrono.
  • great, is a huawei, but just now I'm buying a garmin, thanks, great program
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