Feature suggestion: G-G plot/traction circle

The current "combined acceleration" gauge overlay shows the real-time instant G force. It would be useful to be able to see a "summary" or "aggregation" of combined acceleration data for a lap or a session. The X-Y acceleration plot, or G-G plot, or traction circle, is basically the same as the G force gauge, but instead of showing a single instantaneous data point, it samples all the acceleration data for a given period (a lap or a session) and shows a cloud of points. This plot provides an intuitive summary of corner handling and brake transfer.
This plot would be too cluttered for an overlay gauge but would be helpful as a separate diagram in the Analysis view, similar to the map and the graph that plots speed, etc. against distance/time. So it can also show a comparison with a reference lap.


  • Yes, a separate analysis view for friction circle is coming in the next major version!
  • Nice! Thanks! Can't wait for the next update (drum roll)
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