RaceChrono v7.5 beta

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I've just released RaceChrono v7.5 for Android to the beta group ( https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group ).

This time the biggest addition is the support for RaceBox Mini, a great new external GPS receiver.

Let me know how everything works!

Change log for RaceChrono v7.5.0:
- Added support for RaceBox Mini
- Added experimental support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
- Added bytesToFloat and bytesToFloatLe functions
- Added custom channels imported from .VBO files
- Added “Odometer” and “Gear” standard OBD-II channels
- Added “Drift angle” channel
- New Google Maps renderer
- Improved Import screen
- Improved adding Bluetooth devices; multiple devices with same name is now allowed
- Improved filtering of scanned Bluetooth devices
- Improved: Session list sorting type selection is now persisted
- Fixed: Further update rate issue between certain phones and Dual XGPS150/160 GPS receivers
- Fixed: Gauge titles in live screen
- Fixed: scale, lowPass and highPass functions no longer return integer values (only floats)
- Fixed: Sometimes an old or invalid GPS location and time is used at session start
- Fixed: Distance gauges did not display any value


  • RaceChrono v7.5.2 change log:
    - Added: Convenience button for registering an account
    - Added: Configurable video fade in and out for video export
    - Added: Better names for exported files
    - Added: Speed workaround -expert setting for older versions of Transystem GL-770

  • Could it be possible to add Corner Radius or Inverse Corner Radius in GPS Channels in the next beta? Thanks!!

  • Are you getting both GPS and accelerometer data from the RaceBox Mini? How's the noise level of the accelerometer compared to phones?
  • RaceChrono v7.5.3 change log:
    - Added: Experimental support for Wheel Turtle temperature sensors
    - Improved: Multiple files can now be selected through “File browser” at once
    - Fixed: RaceBox mini accuracy channel magnitude
    - Fixed: Possible crash when opening a session
    - Fixed: Missing translations
  • @aol - Great list of new features. I look forward to the iOS version to follow. Thanks for the continued efforts!
  • Hello.
    I have this bug since version 7.4.
    When I launch Racechrono, if I receive a phone call or if I consult another application, and every other time, the application closes without any warning.
    Is there a setting to remedy this defect?
    RaceChronoPro V 7.5.3 Android 12 Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra
    thank you
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