RaceChrono v7.5 beta

I've just released RaceChrono v7.5 for Android to the beta group ( https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group ).

This time the biggest addition is the support for RaceBox Mini, a great new external GPS receiver.

Let me know how everything works!

Change log for RaceChrono v7.5.0:
- Added support for RaceBox Mini
- Added experimental support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
- Added bytesToFloat and bytesToFloatLe functions
- Added custom channels imported from .VBO files
- Added “Odometer” and “Gear” standard OBD-II channels
- Added “Drift angle” channel
- New Google Maps renderer
- Improved Import screen
- Improved adding Bluetooth devices; multiple devices with same name is now allowed
- Improved filtering of scanned Bluetooth devices
- Improved: Session list sorting type selection is now persisted
- Fixed: Further update rate issue between certain phones and Dual XGPS150/160 GPS receivers
- Fixed: Gauge titles in live screen
- Fixed: scale, lowPass and highPass functions no longer return integer values (only floats)
- Fixed: Sometimes an old or invalid GPS location and time is used at session start
- Fixed: Distance gauges did not display any value

RaceChrono v7.5.2 change log:
- Added: Convenience button for registering an account
- Added: Configurable video fade in and out for video export
- Added: Better names for exported files
- Added: Speed workaround -expert setting for older versions of Transystem GL-770

RaceChrono v7.5.3 change log:
- Added: Experimental support for Wheel Turtle temperature sensors
- Improved: Multiple files can now be selected through “File browser” at once
- Fixed: RaceBox mini accuracy channel magnitude
- Fixed: Possible crash when opening a session
- Fixed: Missing translations

RaceChrono v7.5.4 change log:
- Added: Feature to delete ‘My RaceChrono’ account from the app
- Added: Wheel Turtle temperature sensors now officially supported
- Fixed: Broken server connection on Android 4.4


  • Could it be possible to add Corner Radius or Inverse Corner Radius in GPS Channels in the next beta? Thanks!!

  • Are you getting both GPS and accelerometer data from the RaceBox Mini? How's the noise level of the accelerometer compared to phones?
  • @aol - Great list of new features. I look forward to the iOS version to follow. Thanks for the continued efforts!
  • Hello.
    I have this bug since version 7.4.
    When I launch Racechrono, if I receive a phone call or if I consult another application, and every other time, the application closes without any warning.
    Is there a setting to remedy this defect?
    RaceChronoPro V 7.5.3 Android 12 Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra
    thank you
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    @Marcus54 I will investigate it. I'm guessing it's not caused by the version v7.4, but something new in the OS. 1) Is it doing it when battery fully charged, and not in power saving mode? 2) Do you have any external devices connected?
  • The phone is on the induction charger.
    1) the battery fully charged no, I don't think so.
    I was on a default battery management i.e. "restricted".
    I just put the settings of the application in battery use in "unrestricted" mode I will test ...

    2)Nothing special, the Blutooth for phone calls and OBD

    What is strange is that the application suddenly disappears, in the Sessions :
    I find the recording for example Nancy : 1s (0 km) 0 ko

    by clicking on it, I find the part that has been recorded, coming back without a Session:
    Nancy : 2h14 min (234km) 66Mo
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    @Marcus54 That behavior is as expected after a crash or the OS killing the app. The metadata is written when the crashed session is opened. Let me know if this happens when battery is charged and in unrestricted mode. It will help me great deal when I try to reproduce the problem on my phones.
  • I did some tests, the problem seems to be solved with the power option in "unrestricted" mode. If there is another problem, I will come back to you.
  • For many versions already, there is always the problem of the altitude given by the GPS and that of your application.
    I have a difference today of 60 m :
    The real altitude is about 440m
    On my phone:
    GPS altitude is 442
    Your application records 502m
    Can you correct this offset?
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    @Marcus54 which phone and which GPS is it?

    I know some phones report the altitude wrong on Android, so for full transparency, RaceChrono uses the android.location.Location.getAltitude() to get the altitude from the built-in GPS. The documentation says it's "The altitude of this location in meters above the WGS84 reference ellipsoid.", so I'm not sure if there's anything to fix... Maybe just the GPS reports the altitude wrong? Or maybe the phone firmware has bad implementation of the altitude?
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    The phone is a Samsung S20 and this is the GPS built into the phone.
    I have tried other GPS applications on this phone, all latitudes are good. Only on RaceChrono is the altitude wrong.
    On a "Physics Toolbox Suite" application that tests the sensors, it gives as indication:
    Altitude: 490m (which is not good)
    Altitude (MSL) 440m (which is good)

    The solution would be perhaps to make as on the coordinates a system with an adjustable offset.
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    @Marcus54 yep, RaceChrono uses the WGS84 altitude from Android system. MSL altitude would need conversion. For what application do you need the MSL altitude?
  • @aol Hello,
    I'm not sure if I understood the question correctly :)
    It's just to get the right values in RaceChrono.
    I use RaceChrono a lot to record my trips, currently. I'm in the Pyrenees and the altitude is interesting. That said, I can also retrieve the altitude via the car's OBD.
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    @Marcus54 I get that you'd like to have the correct values, but Android system only gives me the WGS84 altitude which is based on inaccurate geoid. To convert to more accurate altitude, that uses better resolution geoid, I think I'd need to attach 10 MB database to the app, and use that to convert the altitude values. It's lot of work and it might double the size of the app, for what is just "nice to have" fix. I have to choose my battles, and that's why I ask why you need it :)
  • I've just uploaded the v7.5.4 to the beta group!
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