Data from RaceCapture?

I'm considering upgrading my logging setup from my current qstarz bluetooth GPS to a Racecapture Track MK3. This will allow me to read steering angle and brake pressure from my car's CANbus, as well as increasing GPS update rate from 10 to 50Hz. Ideally though I would like to keep using RaceChrono; does RaceChrono currently, or are there any plans to, support connecting to a RaceCapture?


  • +1 I'm thinking of doing the same. Might be a while before I get one, but it would be nice to have the option when I do.
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    While I think it's a nice product, it's priced at over 600 USD and much more here in Europe, and therefore it is a little bit out-of-scope for the RaceChrono app. That's for full "live connection" support, but just a data import may be possible.

    I doubt it would attract enough new users to RaceChrono to recoup the development and testing costs of the full "live connection" support unfortunately. Also the manufacturer (AutosportLabs) wasn't exactly keen on adding the support in RaceChrono, when we talked briefly few years ago, so I wouldn't be getting any support from there either...

    It may be worth checking if you can download your data in some nice format from RaceCapture, so then it could be supported through data import.
  • Thanks for the response. The RaceCapture Track is $450, and is a plug and play solution for CANbus vehicles. (It only needs to plug into the OBD port.) IMO these things exist on a spectrum. There's a basic QStarz GPS, then something like that RaceBox Mini you just added support for - it costs twice as much, but adds a high quality accelerometer and better GPS. RaceCapture Track is twice as much as that, with a better GPS and accelerometer, the ability to read off the car's CAN bus (with presets for many cars, so it's easy to set up), and ability to extend to further sensors later. But their software is a challenge. Personally I'd love to have the simplicity of RaceChrono with the benefits of that hardware.

    FWIW I'd also be happy to shell out a bit more for that support. RaceChrono Pro+? :) Maybe others would too (although I admit it would be a niche thing). IMO RaceChrono Pro is already very cheap for what it offers, so I expect there is room for premium add-on features.

    If I were to buy the unit and lend it to you for initial development testing, would that help? Or would you need one you could keep in order to support it? As I understand it, the device has an open data format and API, although I haven't seen any details on that.
  • @Nate_Tempest that's actually not a bad price for it. I will reconsider :)
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