Some nitpicks on custom temperature gauges

I noticed some inconsistency when using custom OBD-II channels for temperature. For most of the temperature gauges the name of the sensor without the word "temperature" is on the first line, then goes the value and last line contains "°C". This is great. :)

However I noticed that some channels behave differently:

1. Gearbox temperature channel gauge also has word "temperature" one the first line.
2. Channel postfix is not shown in the first line. I have defined custom channel "Clutch temperature" with postfix "Rear" defined for the 4WD coupling temperature sensor. And the gauge only says "Clutch" on the first line. It would be nice if it included postfix "Rear" on the first line as well.

Here is a video with these channels:


  • The upcoming new overlay editor will allow you to edit the titles etc. :)
  • Yay. Can't wait! :)
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