External mic options on newer phone without aux jack?

I have a Samsung S20 without the 3.5mm aux jack. I run a USB C cable to mirror my screen into the car's nav screen, and I've tried a few OTG cables to splice in a 3.5mm mic (taped to the rear bumper) via a 3.5mm to USB C adapter without success - the Android Auto box won't connect for mirroring. I like recording with the built-in camera on the phone because it's faster to analyze performance after a session, compared to using a GoPro and secondary mic/voice recorder.

What other options should I try to get some nice NA V8 exhaust tunes in my videos without desktop processing or getting a second older phone with aux jack? I can imagine this becoming more of an issue for others as phone manufacturers keep deleting the aux port and more cars come with AA/CP with screen mirroring.

Thanks for the help.


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    Anyone running external mics with their Android phone? I haven't done any testing myself since we lost the 3.5 mm jacks.
  • I have not tried, but I would assume using Bluetooth would be doable.
    An old handsfree set could be worth a try. The distance or the mic quality might be an issue, but you will find out soon enough.
  • I run an external mic but with an external sound recorder. Then I use iMovie to sync the audio with video before putting the combined video file on my Android phone.
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