Export to VBO with video

I tried to export my GoPro data to vbo files with videos. I tried with two videos, where I copied the corresponding videos to the same folder as the VBOs and renamed them according to the file. In both cases the preview worked fine. When I actually open them in CT, however, one file would just crash out, and the other one basically just froze and CT gave no response whatsoever.

Am I dealing with the videos correctly? What could be wrong in my case?


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    Unfortunately this is undocumented in VBO format, and obviously it's no use contacting the CircuitTool author for this issue ... This feature was contribution by a user that got it working by basically trial and error, and created a documentation for it, which I used to implement it.

    I don't think I will put work towards fixing it unfortunately. It will end up abandoned and removed if it no longer works. :disappointed:
  • Latest update Circuit Tools 2.9.74 w/ GoPro Hero 8 1080p@60fps still crashes loading with video.

    Does anyone know of anyone other analysis software for point to point driving? Not circuit.
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