feature request

1. Device label naming
I have two cars and two mobile phones. Sometimes when I want to observe the difference, I will transfer the records to another mobile phone for comparison, but I often forget which record was recorded by which mobile phone afterwards.
Can you add the phone name of the record to the record?
easy to identify

2. Cloud automatic synchronization and backup
One of my phones was recently replaced and I can't find a way to sync all the records to the other phone at once,
Can I add the function of automatically syncing to the cloud?
Such as google drive, onedrive, dropbox, mega, etc.

3. Fine-tune the path position
I compared the record with last week's record, and found that the two paths are very different, even the location of the google satellite map is not the same, I don't know if it is caused by GPS offset or other reasons
Can you add in adjusting the path offset?

4. Provide a cloud platform for everyone to compare
My friends and I both use Racechrono, and sometimes we exchange records to compare routes. I wonder if there can be a platform where everyone can upload records, and can choose to upload all the recorded content or only upload the seconds, route, speed, etc., Let everyone have a goal
Can you set up a platform?

5. Select the language of the UI display
My phone language is Traditional Chinese, Racechrono displays English, if the phone is switched to Simplified Chinese, Racechrono displays Simplified Chinese
I can still understand Simplified Chinese, but I need to translate English to understand it. The daily language is traditional Chinese. I don't want to change the system language just for individual software.
Could you please add the option to select language in Racechrono settings?
It can be set to follow the system language change or choose another language


  • aolaol
    edited June 7
    1. This is coming very soon!

    2. On my longer TO-DO list. This is a bit of challenge as it requires a lot of work to create. I've been planning this for a few years now :(

    3. There's already possibility to fine tune. If I recall correctly, you can find "adjustments" button next to the GPS receiver title in Analysis settings.

    4. Would be very nice but same obstacle as with 2.

    5. I think the late versions of operating systems already allow this, both Android and iOS. You can add more than one language to the phone settings. The phone itself will use the first language, but second language will be used by apps, if the first one is not supported. So in your case, you would add the Traditional Chinese as the first language, and then the Simplified Chinese as the second language.

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    First of all, thank you for your dedication
    This is the best timing software I have ever used

    2. Aside from cloud synchronization, is there any way to efficiently transfer a large number of records to another mobile phone?

    3. It can be fine-tuned, but the comparison is also adjusted at the same time. I hope to adjust it separately for different records

    5. I tried it, but the software is still displayed in English
  • 3. That's probably an oversight (or even a bug) on that feature

    5. I will find out why it does not work
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