Exporting Video w/ Overlay progress going well past 100%

Hello, I've got an issue where I've sync'd up video, I've tried both h265 and h264 encoding, both 4k, and it either exports a 3 KB nonsense file, or it exports forever and never seems to finish. The last one made it to 400% before I cancelled it.

The video has been post-processed using DaVinci resolve, so it's possible it's messing with something. It's also possible that LineageOS potentially is missing something? I'm just curious if anyone else has had these sorts of issues and what the fix might have been.



  • Just to add, I let it run just to see how far it goes and it's at 1500% now.
  • Did an export with a 1080p file and it worked, though Audio is now missing.

    Also tried the raw GoPro files but they're 5.3k60 and could not be displayed on the Pixel3 at all.
  • aolaol
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    If you post process with DaVinci or others, make sure to export h.264/h.265 video with AAC audio. Android phone's hardware support only AAC, and the video export is done with hardware, so any other audio in the raw video will not export.

    You will need a very high-end phone to playback 5.3k60, not to mention exporting that resolution, it's normal that it won't playback on your Pixel 3.

    You could send me the source files and session you used to experience the weird percentage, if you like me to investigate, to tracks(at)racechrono.com
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Looks like DaVinci Resolve did export with AAC, i didn't check that, but it's the only option I have it looks like when I select h264/h265.

    I figured the RAW GoPro files wouldn't work, but I just wanted to be sure it wasn't a DaVinci Resolve issue so I tried what I could. Part of me wonders if the Pixel3 is just too old to be doing this vs say my iPhone SE 2020. But I wanted to use the Pixel3 as I could mirror it on my indash display via rooting it and some software. And now I think I need to buy the app again to get it on my iPhone, so I haven't tested that.

    I'll see if I can find somewhere to put the files.
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    If you record at 2.7k60 or 4k30, and low bitrate (it's still 60 Mbit/s...), the Pixel 3 would certainly play back the raw GoPro files.
  • It actually plays the processed 4k60 files just fine, I was even able to sync them up easily, they were very smooth, no stuttering or anything there. They just don't seem to want to export. So far the only success I've had is limiting the video to 1080p60. Which I did get to work with the audio (although I changed nothing with regards to that).

    I'd really like to be able to export at 4k60 though, or understand why those don't even start to process. I noticed they never go past 0 KB, but the percent just keeps going up. It wasn't until I had a working file that I realized that actually goes up and gives a prediction when it's working.

    Comparing to some of your recommendations it's possible the render does need to be under 60 Mbit/s. The medium export settings for 4k60 were still averaging 78 Mbit/s and that didn't work. But the 1080p60 at best settings was under 60 Mbit/s and did work (54 Mbit/s average)

    I assume my iPhone SE 2020 would be able to do 100 Mbit/s at least? Probably too late to get a refund on the Android version and buy the iOS version though, bought that May 17th.
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    @Aka Exporting is more demanding of the hardware, as it's doing decoding AND encoding at the same time. If you get audio on 1080p you should get it on higher resolutions too. For 4k60 you should really have a high-end phone, not sure if iPhone SE 2020 counts as one though. I mean it's A LOT of pixels per second. It might work or it might not...

    Did you wait on the 0%? I mean an hour or two?
  • Ended up buying the app for my iPhone, but forgot the whole ordeal of getting video files back onto the phone. lol Apple. Still trying to figure that part out.

    The iPhone SE 2020 has the same processor as the high end phones it launched with, iPhone 11, 11 Pro etc... Just none of the fancier features like FaceID and what not.. I'd classify it as high-end in that regard.

    I waited for 0 KB until the percentage got to 1400% and gave up. Might have been an hour?
  • AkaAka
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    iPhone SE 2020 can handle the files. But getting them to and from the phone is the worst experience lol.

    I think that tells me that the issue is probably the Pixel3. I'm going to run a file on there until it finishes or I wake up tomorrow and it's still running. Just to see if it ever does anything. If it does, then I can deal with that and I'll probably request a refund on iOS as Apple has made the process too annoying.

    Edit: On iOS you can't control the quality of the output? Can higher than 30-40 Mbit/s be exported or is that it? The input file was 140 Mbit/s. I realize these aren't cinema quality cameras, I'm just curious about reducing the quality loss before I put it on YouTube which will reduce it further still.
  • Yes, no quality control on the iOS app at the moment. I would need to replace some standard APIs with custom ones to do that, so it probably wouldn't be worth the effort.
  • Let it run overnight, at 9000% with nothing still. So definitely not working on my Pixel3.

    And that's unfortunate to hear about the iOS app.
  • aolaol
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    On the other hand 30-40 Mbit/s is still a very high bitrate for a 4K video, 13.5 GB per hour ... Can you do RaceChrono > About > Support dump (the button on top toolbar), please? If you do it, please let me know the time in GMT when you did it, so I can find it. It should give me the internal logs from the video export.
  • Sure, I can do that from both Android and iOS.

    Before I do, what information is collected? Do I get to see it before it's submitted?
  • aolaol
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    No you cannot see it, but it's basically your RaceChrono configuration, past crash logs, all file names and sizes within RaceChrono folders etc. Everything is obviously related to the app only, nowadays apps cannot access anything they do not ask a permission to access to, and RaceChrono asks very little permissions.
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    Ah, I wish it'd let me review. I don't like submitting things blindly, although I did just now right before this comment. Submitted both iOS and Android.
  • aolaol
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    Understood. My point of view is that most apps send and receive all sorts of stuff to backend, and usually you have no option to review this traffic. You'll have to just trust the developer I guess. I thought a confirmation box with description of the content would be sufficient for most.

    I could not see anything peculiar in the logs, other than the export being aborted. I will try the video files next.
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