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which phone to get

i just ordered the 818x and I'm very excited about using this setup.

but after reading many threads im very confused on which phone to get. from what I read seems like some phone have different issues with either the software or the 818x

so can you recommend a phone that will have the least amount of problems and you know to work well knowing this:

it will be mounted on a bike so I don't need a big display but I wouldnt mind one if it was the right phone

I also need to get one that doesn't need a SIM card to work

something that wouldn't require much fiddling with software and hardware would be ideal

thank you


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    Hi, I don't think it's the software. Could be just some Bluetooth compatibility problems with some phones and BT-Q818X. I don't have that specific version of the receiver, but others have worked well. I don't _think_ it is common problem, it is just very popular receiver, but I will buy one myself to be sure.

    I've seen this "stopping problem" on other setups (S60 phones) as well. For me it happens only when I walk away with the phone from the GPS, and then come back. Somehow the Bluetooth fw/hw is buggy, and it does not handle the disconnection/reconnection properly every time.

    It's very hard to recommend anything specific, because I don't know what you like and want. I actively test RaceChrono with following devices: Nokia E61, N95, N78, 5800, HTC Touch Diamond, Benq E72 and some Compaq WM 2003 device. I have also access to about 40 more devices that use if anyone reports a problem, or a new platform needs to be supported. Personally my favorite is currently Nokia 5800.

    GPS I use for testing are QSTARZ BT-Q818 5hz, Holux M1000 B, a few Sirf3 receivers, and a professional 10 Hz receiver. My OBD-II readers are OBDKey, Car-Pal, and some generic ELM327 reader.

    I hope this helps. I really try to make RaceChrono work on all devices but always it's not possible (if there is a bug, but no device to test on to get it fixed).
  • yes thank you for the prompt reply

    I will go with the S60 based on what I read in this forum.

    again, thank you, I will update you as soon as I get something working, Im gonna test this on Jennings GP track in FL, cant wait :)
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    No, that's old crap :-) That does not even run RaceChrono as it is first edition S60. The S60 is basically a special flavour of Symbian (well they renamed it back to Symbian recently, confusing, isn't it). It's the operating System of all Nokia smart phones.

    If you want to see what phone has which operating system, check the download page, it has all supported S60 phones listed. Searching ebay for S60 does not probably work, as the operating system is not really used in marketing, and most people are unaware of it. Which is quite bad, as they are then not aware they can download software for it.

    Here's good resource to see full specs for Nokia phones:
  • oh wow this has to be my biggest FAIL for the year :)

    thanks for clarifying, i THINK i get it now
  • Don't feel bad about that mistake, it's just Nokia has done bad job marketing S60 and Symbian. I don't think they even print to marketing material or the box which OS their phones have. :-)
  • I run RC on an old N73 running offline (no sim) and a 2GB memory card, should get an N73 or similar really cheap now. This is on combination with a QStarz BT-818x, I am happy with the setup, cost me £50 in total as I already had the phone.
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