Help - Garmin Glo so much worse than old Qstarz

Hi guys,

I've been using a Qstarz 818X for 10 plus years, with brilliant accurate results.

But u fortunately I got it wet and muddy on a motocross day and it hasn't been right since.

So I went for a Garmin Glo 2 as a modern replacement but it's just not giving me the accuracy and reliability that I want.

I moved the receiver to make sure it is 100% clear to sky and made sure it's updated, but still no joy.

Looking back through the sessions it looks like a dropnin satellites that's causing the issue's, but it there anyway to sort this?

It sometimes drops to 2 or 3 satellites, when my Qstarz rarely dropped below 8.

Can anyone offer any advice? If not recommend another gps receiver that gives great results.



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    I'd just return it if it's not working properly. Maybe get RaceBox Mini instead? My other recommendations are here:
  • Do you think it's probably just a faulty unit then?

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    I think so. You should be getting at least as many locked satellites as with the old qstarz. But even if it was working properly, the RaceBox Mini is better in many ways.
  • Great, thanks for your help.

    I've arranged to send the Garmin back and will order the Racebox Mini tonight.

    It's so disappointing after having a session out on the bike and not having accurate data to compare with afterwards.

    And I use it for everything! Bike trackdays, mx, enduro, car trackdays and karting :-)

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