sync issues?

I'm having some issues syncing my data to video on the 1.10 files I have. I though I read a feature on 1.3 that makes this easier???...but can't find it now.

is it possible for the blutooth obdkey to have a delay from the 5ghz gps data from 818? the throttle and tach do not match eachother...different obdkey channels and they don't match the speedometer..."I think" form the gps?


  • Yes, I noticed that from the files you posted. If the RPM (from OBDKey) and the speed (from GPS) were perfectly in sync, then dividing one by the other would always produce the same number when the clutch was up in a certain gear.
  • The v1.30 has a real time clock display in live timer. Switch to Live Timer before going out to the track, toggle to the gauge mode (click toggle twice), and then switch to the clock gauge. Show this to your camera. Then you should be able to Sync accurately!
  • Andy,

    Is it possible to correct this with a post process?...or maybe I could use the Obdkey's speed whhich should match better?...but I believe the Obdkey's speed is not as accurate as the gps???

    Could this error be because the Obdkey does not putt a 5hz stream???...or delay in the bluetooth???


  • It's going to be pretty much impossible to accurately determine the delay, I think. Certainly for my basic scripting skills. The OBDKey speed will most likely match better, however you can only sample at a limited rate with OBDKey. Give it a whirl and find out. In order to change the synchronisation of the speed/RPM, simply move the RPM column up/down a few lines in Excel (or similar) until it feels right. That's assuming it's out by a multiple of 0.2s. It'd be interesting to see if the delay is consistent, although I have a feeling it won't be.

    The reason it happens is simply because RC has to request the data from OBDKey, which then has to request it from the ECU over a pretty slow interface. This takes time. The GPS constantly throws data at RC as it calculates it, which scribbles it onto your memory card as it comes in. This is much quicker.
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