CAN-BUS + K-Line


Is it possible to use 2 protocoles at the same time with an OBDlink and RaceChrono ?

On my bike the ECU talks to the OBDLink with K-line protocole, but there is a also a CAN BUS communication between ECU and DASH, so I solded 2 wires from this CANBUS channel to the OBD2 connector, and it works!!!
I can get precious info as rpm / speed / gearing. But connot find throtle position...

I can get the throttle position from the K-Line signal.

Someone know how to get the two signal at the same times ?




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    In theory with two different OBDLink adapters. One monitoring K-line and one monitoring CAN-Bus. Which bike is it? I would think all important information would be available on both buses.
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