BLE Bug? Bluetooth LE Advertising Name

i was using a temporary BLE name, "RaceChronoDIY" and i added to RaceChrono 7.6.3 iOS. now i am cleaning up code and wanted to name the BLE name with the last 4 digits of the bluetooth mac address, e.g. "RaceChrono ABDC". so i reflashed my ESP32 chip with the new BLE advertising name, removed it from RaceChrono and attempted to re-add it, but it has the same old name. This is on an iPhone 13 Pro. I've tried rebooting the phone, thinking it might have been an iOS caching issue, but it seems like an issue with RaceChrono.

if i try on my older phones, iPhone 12 mini and Google Pixel 4, for which i have not yet "added" the device to RaceChrono, they see the new name. the problem seems to only happen if you try and add > remove > add a DIY device, its old name seems to stick around (be persistent)


  • It maybe iOS does some kind of weird app specific caching, but when you remove the device from RaceChrono settings, all information about the device is gone from RaceChrono records.
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