is trap placement changing lap times?

in the "SK session" the fastest lap is listed as 2:38.9 in lap 5
but the only way to get all my laps in trackvision is to use traveled route export, then set a marker in TV by hand in the approx same place as in RC but the fastest time is now 2:39.40 and the video is also 2:39???

Why the .5 difference??? I want to be able to tell people after their session what the best time is but not have something different on the video.


  • It can affect lap times. Also I don't know the algorithm TrackVision uses. For my trials they've been pretty close, when carefully setting to the same place.
  • If RC could export "traveled route" with the marker as an option then the marker would cross over to TV and the data should not least I think it will not???
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