Racebox mini inaccurate with RaceChrono (compared to original Racebox app) ?

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I bought a Racebox mini that I use with Racechrono.
On the last track day in Italy, at the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit, I checked if the time laps taken with the external gps were real: using adobe premiere pro (frame by frame) I calculated the real times against those given by Racechrono (with external GPS) and the difference range go from 0.10 seconds (good) to 0.70 seconds (very bad!)

So I did (today) another test: close to home I created a short route and then I did it with the car by recording with the cam (to calculate then real times with premiere pro); i used also Racebox mini in 2 ways:
- 5 laps connected to the original racebox app: the gap were: +0.04 -0.02 +0.02 -0.04 +0.04 (very very good!!)
- 5 laps connected to Racechrono: the gap were: +0.15 +0.01 -0.01 -0.19 +0.15 (2 lucky laps, but the gaps are bigger - and to the last track days were higher)

In general I had confirmation of what I thought: Racebox mini has 25Hz so it should give an accuracy of a few centimetres (in time 1-3 cent); actually when working with Racechrono it is less accurate than original app and I just checked that

Is it possible to do something? I would like to use it with Racechrono since then I use all the rest (video, OBD2 ect) but knowing that with the Racebox app it is more accurate makes me want to use that

What do you think about it? had anyone noticed it?
Thank you



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    I'm 100% certain the your track's Start/Finish line is at the incorrect spot, in RaceChrono. Fix it and it will be exactly as accurate.
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