Thank you and questions ...

First of all THANK YOU for this product !
I tested it on a Motocross bike in two different track in tuscany (italy) and works fine !
Yesterday I comapred with AMB offroad transponder and there is not difference in lap time !!
I am using an HTC P3600 whit internal GPS
I have some questions ...
1) when I create a new track the starting/finish line is opposite to the direction I need to edit the TRAP and rotate it to let it works...

2) In two different times the lap have not been register but the program was running and the satellite fixed.. Any possibility to have a screen indication that tell you that is recording ??

3)If I pause RC between a turn and the next one I need to wait a lot to fix again the satellite any possibility to have a "pause" that stop recording but keep the satellite signal ?

Thank you Again


  • I would guess that you're standing at the start/finish line, rather than adding it whilst riding, so it's likely that the direction will be wrong. GPS has small errors, so if you stand in one place, the location will vary by a small amount, which shows you moving in a certain direction, which is wrong as you're stood still.
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    1) You need to move a bit when adding the trap, otherwise it will be usually north direction (as RaceChrono hasn't figured yet which way you are moving). This is common issue with RC but I haven't found a nice way to fix it yet. Maybe it should ask for the direction in these cases.

    2) I recommend purchasing an external Bluetooth GPS for best result. Due to some GPS error the finish line may have been skipped.

    3) In my to-do list there is "do not record data while stopped" option, so I guess this would suffice here. Connection would be needed to the GPS anyway.
  • How about a way of setting start/finish when walking? You set the trap location when stood on the line, then walk 5-10 metres down the track to set the direction. That'd be useful for me as I have to walk each track before driving it. Of course, starting the course when the car moves (from accelerometer data) would be rather beneficial. Currently, if I set the start line at the right point, the timing will start when I pull up to the line ready to start, so I set the start line a metre into the course, which messes up the timing a little.
  • Tanks everybody
    The first point is not a problem i Can walk on finish line the first time...

    Regarding the second point I am not sure that is a GPS problem because do not register any movement, not a movement out from finish line... I think is something different..

    Using the Phone on the motocross bike sometimes a key is pressed for error... the funtion keys lock do not works... on my phone

    I am using also RUNGPS a software for running timing and on this one there is a button to lock averithing from main screen (touch) and works fine
  • I think you can lock the keys in HTC's (most of them at least) by pressing shortly the power button. The lock keys option in the menus is not working like you noticed :)
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