4x RejsaRubberTrac - no individual data except for FL (front left)?

I've built a system out of 4 equal ESP32 boards, the MLX90640s and with the distance sensors. It works nicely, I can see the tire temps for all four tires in the "analog" display (colored rectangles with the avg value). For the FL (front left) I can also add the digital value display for the individual data (like avg temp, temp1-8, distance, etc.). but for the other 3 tires, this does not work.
I got 4 bluetooth devices, named GT4_FL, GT4_RL, GT4_FR, GT4_RR. It's not a hwardware issue. If I swap the sensors, it's the same, only FL works. And as I see the colored tires (with the 8 ranges), something appears to be wrong with the individual data selection to show as digital text value.

Anybody experiences the same or has an idea?


  • Hi, please send a sample session (where all tires are recorded) to tracks(at)racehcrono.com
  • Good day! I have a similar story. I assembled two devices based on the nRF52 board. When connected to the RaceChrono, the temperature is displayed from both devices, but only the distance from the one that was added first. However, data recording is performed for both temperature and distance.
  • Yes, please send a sample too. This is most probably RC issue, that I can fix for upcoming v8.0.
  • Sorry, I had no chance to drive it yet due to the bad weather and record a session, hopefully in a couple of days.
  • Please find below the screenrecording. The values are there in the detailed view, but distance for FR is missing in the 4 tire display (end of video, bottom right). Same issue if I want to display any other individual value except for the FL.

  • @Richter if possible please send the session over to me :)
  • Sorry, I think there is no session file as there is no GPS signal in the garage. Or is there one? If the weather forecast holds, I can drive next weekend.
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    @Richter I think there's more than one issue. I think the distance measurement might be broken in the sensors displaying "0 mm". But the main issue, missing readings for the configured gauges, seems to be purely a RaceChrono bug.
  • Thanks for looking into it. I only have the distance for the front, no distance sensor for the rear. That's why for the rear tires it shows 0mm.
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