baud and ID of GPS & OBDkey

1. Does anyone know if there is any real id for each bluetooth unit?

I set get RC with Qstarz8100 and OBDkey running on car A.

10 feet away I do the same with Car B.

Is it possible that either car could link to the devices in the other car?

If a car were to link to the wrong bluetooth and that bluetooth drove away would it begin pulling form the correct bluetooth?

or is there a sub code besides the generic name Obdkey and Qstarz that once you select in RC is locked to that RC?

2. Does the baud rate really matter on an OBDkey and Qstarz? I do try to set them both to the highest???


  • 1. All bluetooth devices have unique bluetooth address. So only way you can mix them up is when you select wrong device where you connect. You'd be disconnected when the other car drives away, and will not be connected again until it's in range.

    2. No. Don't touch the baudrate setting unless there is some trouble.
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