New 10Hz GPS! QStarz BT-Q818XT



  • xndbc: To delete a session on the 5800, go to Previous sessions. To select a session without bringing it up click and hold the session title for a sec. That will select it but stay in "Previous sessions". Then just click "Delete session".

    I had some trouble with this simple thing myself :-)
  • Found the manual on their website last night:
  • is there any reasons why it shouldn't work using a laptop and a usb cable ?
  • I got Q818XT today and tested with laptop and USB. RaceChrono does NOT recognize it! It works with QstarzGpsView v1.2 and VisualGPS v4.1b225, but NO RACECHRONO! What am I doing wrong?

    COM port is 11 and I've set baud to 115200 from drivers like told on manual. Racechrono recommends "Default" on baud rate and I'm using it.
    From settings-GPS type ,there are only "Serial port GPS" and "Input File".
    RaceChrono version 1.40 for Windows computers.

    I have not tried with Bluetooth.

    Please help.
  • David- Thanks for your info- it works. Now I have Racechrono on my 5800 working perfectly with the Q818XT in 10hz. This weekend we have a 2 day solo2 event at Pitt Meadows airport in BC, and on Aug 26 I have a track day at Mission Raceway.
    When I finish at Mission I will want to enter the track in your library. Not sure about how to do that.
    aol (Antti?)- great software. It works great at 30kph with the 10hz gps. Will see how it works at speeds up to 180kph soon.
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    Well, tried now couple hours on the road with BT and works perfectly, 10Hz too. Actually works so fine that I don't need USB anymore =). Already made permanent assemble to car. Nice feature to "HotSwap" from 1Hz (set to 5Hz) to 10Hz.

    Works on 200kph speeds..
  • racerX, have you used a common BT key on your laptop?
  • zoop, Yes.
  • akiskev: You could try to disable GSV and GSA sentences with the GpsView program, to see if it helps the refresh rate over Bluetooth.

    aol: I did it, it helps a bit but it does not solve completely the problem.
    I bought a HTC TOUCH HD and it too can't lock to 10HZ with all the sentences enabled. It's not as bad as my old LG, but the average refresh rate is about 8Hz (jumps 1 or 2 tenths every second). If I disable the GSV and GSA sentences, things get better and I can achieve 10 Hz (I checked the nmea txts. It's 10Hz all the time).
    So... my old LG with widcomm bluetooth can achieve 10hz with all the sentences enabled IF I do the trick I uploaded in my youtube channel. HTC TOUCH HD can only achieve 10Hz if I disable GSA and GSV sentences... Weird... The funniest thing is that refresh rate does not drop further when i connect my OBDII reader (bluetooth), which shows that the problem is not the bandwidth of the mobile phone's bluetooth. If I had a bluetooth packet sniffer or sth, maybe I could find what happens and things slow down...
  • akiskev: I think this is not Bluetooth radio problem, but rather something in the software that I do not completely understand. I think the RFCOMM port is set to wrong baudrate and I'm unable to re-set it to something else.
  • I've noticed Nokia N95 has same problem with BT-Q818XT bandwidth, meaning the update rate changes between 3.3-10 Hz. To fix this set the GPS baudrate to 115200. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to fix same issue with Windows. I'm working on automatic solution, but all Symbian users can use this as intermediate solution.
  • I'm sure you'll find a solution to this! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Just came back from a day at Mission Riverside Raceway. Started off raining and 2 people slid off the track (only cosmetic damage)the first session. During the afternoon the weather and the track dried off and lap times came down.
    Racechrono using my Nokia 5800 and the BT-Q818XT at 10Hz worked perfectly.
    How do I export this track to your library?

    Thanks again for great software.
  • Details of how to submit a track are here.
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    Also noticed that in the Quick Guide, on page 5 there is slight discrepancy with the User Manual. On page 5, Note3 reads: "Under 10Hz fix update rate, DGPS function and A-GPS update will be disabled".

    In the User Guide, there is no mention of the A-GPS update being disabled as well. I wonder which is accurate?
  • Received my BT-Q818XT today, and have been playing with it. I have a Nokia 5800 (with the latest version of S60 from the Nokia website). Definitely need to do the "set baud rate explicitly to 115200" trick to get the connection showing solidly at 10Hz (or even 5Hz).

    Interestingly, a second time I connected, even with the baud rate settings in Racechrono already at 115200 rather than "default", I still had to select the 115200 option again to get the connection to solidify. Strange... but it works for now if you know the trick.
  • BTW, just out of interest, how are people securing these units inside the car? No obvious method that doesn't involve glue or tape(!) seem to suggest itself.

    I saw this windscreen suction cup mount on ebay

    but it's still not clear how to attach the GPS unit to the mount???

    So what is everyone else doing?
  • I have made a place for my GPS (not a QStarz) on the dash using self adhesive velcro, the stiffer part of the velcro on the dash and the softer part on the GPS unit. Very simple to place and remove.
  • Thanks David - I've tried something similar (applied to the sun visor flap), but found the backing on the velcro pads don't stick very strongly to the soft rubber pad on the underside of the Qstarz unit -- when I try to remove the unit, the velcro is holding to the velcro more strongly than the pad to velcro! :-s What brand unit is yours, out of interest?
  • Ah, that sounds annoying!

    I've got a Globaltop G66, 5Hz.
  • Velcro make a special hard wearing version that is incredibly strong. I have the stiff part attached to the rubber on my QStarz and the soft part attached to the car. My normal issue is that the battery cover comes off the QStarz GPS, rather than the Velcro separating! I ran my BT818X yesterday on my new race car with no issues at all. I've yet to analyse the data though.
  • Anyone using racechrono with Qstarz receiver on a Nokia N82? Is the phone compatible with the Qstarz BT-Q818XT receiver?
  • phara: I have not tested with N82, but should work just fine when you change the baudrate to 115200.
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    Andy, thanks for the tip about the heavy duty velcro. I have ordered some -- it will be interesting to hear what the scrutineers have to say about my mounting efforts at the next track day!
  • I have had no issues with scrutineers about heavy duty Velcro at any track day or at the British Sprint Championship round I competed in on Monday. Scrutineers at track days are just blokes with noise meters in my experience!
  • Me either, I have small cameras here and there and the GPS unit attached using velcro. No one has commented on it at track day inspections.
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    I glued velcro to the black mat of the Q818XT with Cyanoacrylate glue and velcrod it to the back deck behind the rear seats. Before I used the glue [the velcro adhesive was worthless] I used green painters tape in the same location. That worked very well and the tape comes off and leaves no marks on my car. My Nokia 5800 is the navigation edition and it came with a great bracket that has a very strong suction cup for the windshield. However, it also works if I put it in the storage area between the front seats surrounded by a rag so it won't move around.
    BTW: I charge the Q818XT using the USB port of my desktop computer since I don't drive my car for 3 hours at a time.
  • xdnbc: I think you've used the standard Velcro. The heavy duty version is far from worthless. I find that if it comes off, it takes the paint with it :-/
  • Hey guys
    You can pull off the rubber backing with your fingernails. It is kind of tough, but do it carefully and all of the adhesive should come off along with the rubber.

    I stuck a piece of small, round, heavy duty velcro that I bought from walmart. It really is indeed heavy duty, so one piece about 2cm in diameter is enough to secure it. But I used two. I found a flat area on my rear deck (mazda mx-5) right under the hardtop rear window to stick the other side onto. It holds very well, very cheap, and I never have to mess with tape or cable ties of any sort
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