Touch screen sensitivity on Nokia 5800

I've noticed that when using Racechrono on my Nokia 5800, it takes a very heavy hand to get "button" presses to register on the touchscreen -- much more effort than with other apps running on my phone. Has the touchscreen sensitivity been deliberately reduced in order to avoid false triggering due to vibration, etc., or is this something peculiar to my phone? If this is by design, would it be possible to set the touchscreen sensitivity somewhere in the program set-up configuration? I find I typically have to press a 'button" very hard several times to get it register, which can be a problem when driving while trying to set a trap, for instance.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


  • Do you use your soft fingertip? Resistive touch screen requires you to press with something sharp like fingernail or the stylus, otherwise it does not work too well. This is opposite to capacitive touchscreens (iPhone etc) where you must use your soft fingertip, otherwise it will not work at all.
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    I've noticed the effect is the same whether I use finger(nail) or stylus. When trying to get the racechrono "buttons" to register a press, I have to use much more force than with any of the other apps.

    From your question, it sounds like this is not the expected behaviour? I will try reinstalling and see if the problem persists.
  • Just out of interest, is there a sensitivity threshold you can adjust programmatically within an app to register a press event on the resistive touchscreen? I ask just because my first impression was very much that the sensitivity threshold was simply set at a much higher level using this application. Apart from, that, everything seemed to work as expected.
  • I just reinstalled it, and it's the same. Although what I've noticed is that the low touch sensitivity only seems to be on some selections, e.g. on the first screen ("Expiration info!") the OK button is at normal sensitivity, but on the next screen , the menu options (E.g. "New session" or "Previous session") seem to be low sensitivity, and may take several firm hits before they register the press. The "About" or "Exit" buttons on the bottom of the screen seem normal sensitivity, though. So perhaps it's just the menu selection "buttons" that are the problem on my phone? Sometimes a menu press is registered at some level because the selected menu item will turn blue, but the option itself isn't selected...
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    Ah, right. There's a long tap and short tap on the menus. Long tap just selects it (like a session for deletion) and short tap open the item. Maybe you're pressing too long and it's only selecting. It's different from the other apps, so it might be confusing to some.
  • OK, thanks for the hint -- I'll try shorter, sharper presses.
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