Hi everybody

I'm a new french user of RC.
I use it with a BTQ1000ex and nokia (or windows mobile) phones.

I've ride once at Alès (France), 55laps with rainy conditions but it was great.
Due to the rain I've kept my BTQ1000 in my pocket, with a range of 7 -9 sat.
I've now modify my suit to put my BTQ1000 on the neck protection of the suit (i think it's more an aerodynamic purpose than a neck protection), I've checked that the reception is still good, I've to try it on a real situation, on the 7 Nov.

I've two questions :
1) does anyone here has used the QRacing software of Qstarz ?
when I compare the laps of RC and QRacing, I've sometimes 2sec gap !
I wanted to tell Qstarz that their soft need upgrade, can I notice RC as a reference lap timer calculator ?

2) I plan to install a RC system on another bike, and I saw BT818XT that is a 10Hz.
I've read in the RC notice that it should be managed by RC, does anyone tried a 10Hz with RC ? At least is RC able to collapse 5Hz data in a 10Hz file ? (read only one on two)

Thanks for any comment


  • Manu,

    I cant comment about the Qracing software - never used it.
    However it does appear that the 10Hz BT818XT works fine with Racechrono (with maybe a little bit of tweaking needed to free up the bluetooth bandwidth), there is a thread with more info here: http://www.racechrono.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=438&page=1
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    Thank you Adamw, I didn't see this post.

    So now I know it works with a 10Hz BTQ818XT, OK.

    But there is anyone who made a comparison of the lap timing between 5Hz and 10Hz ? or 10Hz and Alfano ? (I saw the comparative tab on 5Hz and Alfano)
  • Manu, I have the BT-Q1000ex with Qracing. Works well for me. The Q1000ex is a stand alone data logger. Although you can pair it with other Bluetooth devices(phones, pda etc) its really meant as a stand alone module. The reason why there is a 2 second gap is probably because your start/finish/split points aren't set equally between the two loggers. This is really hard to do unless you log a point of reference that you can visually see in your recorded route(logged data). even at that, it don't think you'll be able to get a 100% synchronization between two loggers. Your best bet is to use one or the other. What makes the Q1000ex so awesome is that you dont need a phone or a PDA. Just turn it on and stick it your pocket and it will log all the info racechrono does all by itself. You can still export your files as NMEA 0183 from Qracing into RC(windows version) and save as CSV for racechrono2avi video overlay. Again, make sure you set your start/finish points as close to your Qracing data as possible for accurate lap times.
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