Windows Mobile, speed load time, save space


Just wanted to let know that, for WM anyways, that compressing the .exe that resides on the device 1) reduces the sixe of the .exe (obviously), and 2) reduces the load time for the program.

I don't remember the specifics for the last time I compressed RaceChrono, but I think it was about 50% compression (~900 to ~450 IIRC), and load time was just slighly faster, no difference in operation was observed. Granted RaceChrono is quite small as it is, and loads quickly already, but I thought you might find the info usefull and possibly applicable to other platforms. FYI, for WM users this technique can be used for other software as well, Opera10 for instance goes from 9Mb to about 2.5Mb and loads SIGNIFICANTLY faster.

More info can be found here:

I hope this info is found usefull.

Thanks for the great software!
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